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Fully functional

Use your LinPack Dashboard


It is fully functional !

Development accelerator

Use your LinPack Dashboard as a

development accelerator

for additional customization

Improved quality
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Key features

Gallery of 50+ data visualizations

Gallery of 50+ data visualizations

  • Very capable: Dashboard & Advanced Analysis
  • Autonomy enablement: for each visualization, analyze any KPI across any analytic axis
  • Cockpit, Pareto, Trends, Segmentation, Correlation
100 % customizable

100 % customizable

  • Your dashboard is 100% pure and open Tableau development
  • Add your own Specific Visualizations
  • Apply your Corporate Identity
  • Configure your business specific KPI calculation
Any business

Any business

  • Executive Management, Finance, Sales, Human Resources, Operations, Logistics, Call Center, Marketing, or any other
  • Banking, Industry, Non-profit, Retail, Services, Hospitality, Digital...
Any data source

Any data source

  • ERP: SAP,, Oracle Applications, Avaloq...
  • Flat files: Excel, CSV...
  • Cloud data: Google Analytics, Amazon...
  • Big Data: Cloudera, Hadoop,...
  • Relational data: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL...

Impactful & ready-to-use data visualizations


Example of a Sales Dashboard generated with Linpack for Tableau


No access to your data

No access to your information system

Your Tableau Workbook enriched with

50+ calculations per KPI

50+ calculations per KPI

  • A folder by KPI containing ready-to-use calcuations (Current Month vs Previous Month, Previous Year, Actual vs Target...)
  • A KPI selector allowing to quickly switch from one KPI to another in any data visualization
100+ charts

100+ charts

  • A complete list of worksheets containing all the charts & analysis you need to build additional visualizations
  • A set of ready to use, eye-cacthing, fit-for-purpose dashboards

LinPack for Tableau - LIVE DEMO

They Trust LinPack for Tableau

LinPack for Tableau

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Number of dashboards 5 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of KPIs per dashboards (max) 10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Ability to update a dashboard configuration Unlimited during subscription period Unlimited during subscription period Unlimited during subscription period
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