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unfold fold Template Spend Analytics Purchasing Procurement
Data Visualization Spend Analytics Data Visualization Purchasing Data Visualization Procurement
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Spend analytics by vendor Only 4 attributes required: Date, Vendor, Spend Category and Spend Amount.
Minimize your supplier risks by pinpointing single-supplier dependencies. Identify savings opportunities by finding supplier rationalization opportunities. Gain full spend visibility by analyzing expenses across silos.
Get a 360° view on your procurement process: Spend Under Management, Contracts, Savings, Cost Reduction, Cost Avoidance, Risk Exposure...
unfold fold Required attributes 4 attributes 7 attributes 13 attributes
  • Date
  • Vendor
  • Spend Category
  • Spend Amount
  • Date
  • Supplier
  • Item / Product
  • Purchasing Category
  • Buyer / Purchaser
  • Purchase Amount
  • Purchase Quantity
  • Contract Start Date
  • Contract End Date
  • Contract #
  • Supplier
  • Contract Type
  • Organization
  • Contract Owner
  • Buyer
  • Contract Amount
  • First Offer
  • Cost Reduction
  • Cost Avoidance
  • Contract Risk %
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