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This Cockpit provides an overview of your Risks using.

For each Risk Priority, you have of three sections

  • Risks faced today
  • Where are those risks?
  • Risk register


Risked faced today

At the left, for each Priority, you have the number of Open Risks.

Below, you get the number of Opened risk and Closed risks over the last 3 months.


Where are those risks?

On the middle, a matrix gives you the number of Open Risks by Category and ERM Type.


Risk Register

At the right, you have the Risk Register. It is the repository of all Open Risks

For each risk, you can see

  • Risk #
  • Risk Description
  • Root Cause
  • Risk Category
  • Risk ERM Type
  • Risk Owner
  • Open Date
  • Duration since open (in days)


Filter your data

This data visualization comes with four top filters:

In your Risk Register dashboard, you will be able to filter on:

  • Risk CategoryRisk Category
  • Risk PriorityRisk Priority (expected values: 'High', 'Medium', 'Low')
  • Risk OwnerAgent working on the case
  • Risk ERM TypeRisk ERM Type: Operational, Compliance, Reporting...


How to read a KPI Card

This DataViz shows the performance of a given KPI.

It combines three components.

  • In the foreground, you can see the KPI name, its value and a symbol that indicates whether the KPI is above or under the reference (the reference is defined by the chosen value in the Performance Scope selector). This first component is colored depending on the evaluation.
  • In the background, an area chart shows the monthly evolution of the KPI across the last 24 months based on the selected period.
  • Below the chart, the variance in % vs the reference is displayed.

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Risk Register Home

Risk Register Home
Risk Register Home Risk Register Home
Get a Home Page for your Risk Register dashboard


Risk Register Cockpit

Risk Register Cockpit
Risk Register Cockpit Risk Register Cockpit
What are the risks your facing today? Where are those risks? Keep track of them using the risk register

Historical Risks

Historical Risks
Historical Risks Historical Risks
When did you created risks? When did you close them?

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