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This dashboard page helps you visualize how the performance of your top Sales KPIs is evolving.

The available KPIs for the Sales business template are the following:

  • Turnover
  • Active Customers #
  • Sales Margin %
  • Total Sales Margin
  • Total Sold Quantity
  • Average Selling Price

In the upper part and for each KPI, get instant access to:

  • The Month-to-Date value
  • The growth vs previous month
  • The growth vs same month previous year
  • The evolution over the last 12 months

In the lower part and for each KPI, get instant access to:

  • The Year-to-Date value
  • The growth vs Year-to-Date previous year
  • The Year-to-Date evolution since begining of the year


Select Current Period

'Current Month' and 'Current Year' selectors allow you to easily select what is the period (month and year) you want to analyze.


Filter your data

This data visualization comes with four top filters allowing to focus on what really matters.

Those top filters are defined during the configuration of your dashboard in LinPack.

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