LinPack for Tableau - DEMO

10 minutes demo of (happiness with) LinPack for Tableau :-)

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By Nicolas OuryOn November 25, 2019

5 steps to design a (Service Desk) cockpit

It takes one to two days to be trained on Tableau.

During those days,  you will see most of the great  capabilities of Tableau, but this will NOT guide you on how to design a dashboard.

Here is a concrete and real example of the steps which took place until we design the cockpit for our Service Desk dashboard template.

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By Nicolas OuryOn May 28, 2019

Measuring "Customer Churn Rate" & "Customer Lifetime Value" (LTV, CLV)

"Customer Lifetime Value" and "Customer Churn Rate" are two Key Indicators every Marketing Leader or Sales Leader must have. Measuring how much value you can expect from a customer across his entire relationship with you helps you to better allocate marketing investments. Churn Rate will allow you to measure your (in)ability to retain your customers.

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By Nicolas OuryOn March 20, 2019

LinPack-for-Tableau at Gartner, Data & Analytics Summit, 4-6- March 2019 | London, UK

LinPack-for-Tableau: Discover the last dashboard templates provided by LinPack | Create your Tableau dashboards automatically, in just 5 minutes

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By Nicolas OuryOn January 22, 2019

Tableau Best-practices: How to prepare your Tableau workbook to be efficient creating your dashboard

Efficient people in dashboarding takes time to carefully prepare their data source and have a great clean workbook before starting building Data Visualization.

Here-after, a must-do list to apply if you want to be efficient creating your dashboard:

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By Nicolas OuryOn January 18, 2019

Create your KPI Calculations in Tableau, automatically, for free!

Create your Tableau calculations for free with LinPack: do not spend time writing formulas, create amazing DataViz!

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By Nicolas OuryOn October 19, 2018

(re)Discover LinPack at #TC18 in New Orleans - World-Wide Tableau Conference

Discover the latest release of LinPack-for-Tableau: new DataViz, new dashboard templates, new crazy aggregation rules!

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By Nicolas OuryOn September 12, 2018

Aggregation rules in LinPack

When you create a Tableau dashboard in LinPack using 'Custom Configuration', you define your own KPIs using aggregation rules.

LinPack-for-Tableau enriches Tableau by providing you with built-in aggregation rules to easily compute your Headcount, the number of NEW customers you acquired or the Lifetime of your products.

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By Nicolas OuryOn June 12, 2018

LinPack World Tour: (Re)discover LinPack at Tableau Conference Europe!

LinPack will be presented at Tableau Conference Europe: meet us there to discover the last features of Linpack-for-Tableau :-)

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By Nicolas OuryOn May 30, 2018

Building Hexamaps on Tableau – The example of Switzerland

  1. Why and when can we use Hexamaps   Few weeks ago, a colleague asked what would an Hexamap of Switzerland look like. And it’s true that we often see Hexamaps representing the US but rarely other countries. The following Hexamap, designed by Jacob Olsufka (find...
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By Grégory EscallierOn March 7, 2018

Designing a dashboard

Once you identified the Business Case you need to solve, you can start the actual creation of your dashboard. What  do you need for that? Actually, there are three key aspects to consider: Design Skills: What you want to build? Construction Skills: How to create it in Tableau Software? Resources...
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By Nicolas OuryOn March 6, 2018

LinPack-for-Tableau @ Big Data Paris - 12,13 march 2018

Join us at Big Data Paris on the 12/13 of march and Discover LinPack-for-Tableau: Automatic creation of Tableau dashboards

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By Nicolas OuryOn February 5, 2018

Which KPIs can be created on a data source?

There are often very valuable data sources which are not exploited at their full potential because of a poor KPIs... or I would say lack of imagination when thinking about KPIs.
Over years, we created some kind of deterministic approach to define almost an exhaustive list of the KPIs which could be defined. Out of this list, it is then your own appreciation to keep only the meaningful ones :-)
This approach works on any data source, for any business.

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By Nicolas OuryOn February 5, 2018

Creating a KPI with LinPack

Creating a KPI with LinPack

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By Nicolas OuryOn November 22, 2017

Create dashboards with LinPack: Custom Configuration vs Business Template

LinPack offers you two efficient methods to create Tableau dashboards: 'Custom Configuration' vs 'Business Template'. This news is about explaining the difference between the two creation modes and in which cases you should use one or the other.

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By Nicolas OuryOn November 15, 2017

SALES Dashboard in Tableau - in 1 minute with LinPack!

You want to get a clear understanding on your Sales Performance? You want to build a Tableau dashboard to better understand your Sales data? Using, you can generate a stunning Tableau...
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By Nicolas OuryOn November 6, 2017

PROCUREMENT Dashboard in Tableau - in 1 minute with LinPack!

You want to gain full spend visibility? You want to build a Tableau dashboard to better understand your Procurement data? Using, you can generate a stunning Tableau dashboard...
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By Nicolas OuryOn November 2, 2017

GOOGLE ANALYTICS Dashboard in Tableau - in 1 minute with LinPack!

You want to get a clear understanding on your web site usage? You want to build a Tableau dashboard to better understand Google Analytics data? Using, you can generate a stunning Read more 
By Nicolas OuryOn October 23, 2017

International Launch of LinPack-for-Tableau at #data17 - Tableau Conference in Las Vegas

We have been so delighted to participate to Tableau Conference 2017 in Las Vegas!

It was a unique opportunity to present to 14k+ Tableau fans and, the least we can say, is that the demos we performed were a great success!

"Thank you for doing this", "This is incredible", "It is the best thing I have seen in 5 years at Tableau Conference" was some of the comments we received :-)

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By Nicolas OuryOn October 19, 2017