GOOGLE ANALYTICS Dashboard in Tableau - in 1 minute with LinPack!

You want to get a clear understanding on your web site usage? You want to build a Tableau dashboard to better understand Google Analytics data?

Using, you can generate a stunning Tableau dashboard on Google Analytics (Site Usage) in less than 1 minute!

For this, just follow the instructions :-)


1st step: Create a Tableau workbook containing the connection definition to your Google Analytics account

You must retrieve at least the following attributes:

  • Date      (ga:date)
  • Default Channel Grouping     (ga:channelGrouping)
  • City     (ga:city)
  • Country     (ga:country)
  • Device Category: desktop, tablet, smartphone…     (ga:deviceCategory)
  • Page Title     (ga:pageTitle)
  • Source / Medium      (ga:sourceMedium)
  • Bounces      (ga:bounces)
  • Exits      (ga:exits)
  • Page Load Time (milliseconds)     (ga:pageLoadTime)
  • PageViews      (ga:pageviews)
  • Sessions      (ga:sessions)
  • Time on Page (seconds)     (ga:timeOnPage)
  • Unique PageViews      (ga:uniquePageviews)


2nd step: On, select 'create dashboard from template: Google Analytics (site usage)' and upload your Tableau workbook


3nd step: Map your attributes, click 'Confirm & Download'... you're done!!!


Now, enjoy the following KPIs:

  • Total number of sessions
  • Total Duration (seconds)
  • Total Pageviews
  • Total Unique Pageviews
  • Total BouncesTotal 
  • Total Page Exits
  • Total Page Load Time (ms)
  • Avg Duration (seconds)
  • Avg Pageviews
  • Avg Unique Pageviews
  • Avg Time on Page (seconds)
  • Bounce %
  • Page Exits %
  • Page Load Time (ms)

11 dashboard pages will help you better managing your web site investments: What is the overall performance of your website? Where do the sessions come from? Which is the most used device? What are the top pages? What are the most efficient channels?....

  • Google Analytics (Site Usage) Cockpit
  • Google Analytics (Site Usage) KPIs
  • Google Analytics (Site Usage) GeoAnalysis
  • Google Analytics (Site Usage) Acquisition
  • Google Analytics (Site Usage) Top Pages
  • Top KPIs Evolution
  • Analysis - Trends
  • Analysis - Trends (split)
  • Analysis - Segmentation
  • Analysis - KPI Performance
  • Analysis - Pareto


Just try it here :-)


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enjoy and share your feedbacks with us so we can improve the solution :-)


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