PROCUREMENT Dashboard in Tableau - in 1 minute with LinPack!

You want to gain full spend visibility? You want to build a Tableau dashboard to better understand your Procurement data?

Using, you can generate a stunning Tableau dashboard on Procurement in less than 1 minute!

For this, just follow the instructions :-)


1st step: Create a Tableau workbook containing the connection definition to your procurement data (whether it comes from SAP, SalesForce, Excel...)

You must retrieve at least the following attributes:

  • Date
  • Buyer / Purchaser
  • Item / Product
  • Purchasing Category
  • Supplier
  • Purchased Amount
  • Purchased Quantity


2nd step: On, select 'create dashboard from template: Procurement' and upload your Tableau workbook


3nd step: Map your attributes, click 'Confirm & Download'... you're done!!!


Now, enjoy the following KPIs:

  • Total Purchased Amount
  • Total Purchased Quantity
  • Distinct Items Purchased #
  • Active Suppliers #
  • Average Unit Price
  • Amount per Supplier
  • Buyers #
  • Amount per Buyer


11 dashboard pages will help you better managing your Procurement processes: What are the most important suppliers? For which items do we have a single supplier dependency? Which supplier provides the best pricing conditions?....

  • Procurement Cockpit
  • Procurement KPIs
  • Item Price
  • Price vs Volume Evolution
  • Single Supplier Dependencies
  • Top KPIs Evolution Procurement
  • Analysis - Trends
  • Analysis - Trends (split)
  • Analysis - Segmentation
  • Analysis - KPI Performance
  • Analysis - Pareto


Just try it here :-)

enjoy and share your feedbacks with us so we can improve the solution :-)