LinPack for Tableau - DEMO

What is LinPack-for-Tableau

LinPack-for-Tableau creates Tableau dashboards automatically, in 5 minutes.

Are you a Business User? Use LinPack to create ready-to-use dashboards.

Are you a Tableau Expert? Use LinPack as a development accelerator.


Two approaches to create dashboards

Leverage our business templates

We have been consolidating our experiences in different business domains to propose you pre-defined dashboards:

  • Pre-defined list of KPIs
  • Pre-defined list of DataViz


Custom Dashboard

You don't find a template which suits your need? Create your dashboard template online, and configure your custom dashboard:


  • STEP 0 - Create an initial Tableau workbook in which you map your data sources


  • STEP 1 - Define which dimensions are key for analysis


  • STEP 2 - Define the KPIs you need in your dashboard


  • STEP 3 - Pick-up your preferred DataViz from our gallery


Overall Demo

10 minutes demo of (happiness with) LinPack for Tableau :-)



Please do share your comments and feedbacks, we will be happy to improve the solution :-)