LinPack Self-Service CONSULTANTPrice On-RequestContact Us
LinPack On-Demand CLIENTFixed Priceper dashboardContact Us
Access to platform to create Basics dashboards in autonomy Access to platform to create Basics and Advanced dashboards in autonomy Access to platform to create Basics, Advanced and Expert dashboards in autonomy Access to platform to create Basics, Advanced and Expert dashboards in autonomy.

This license is to be used when you develop dashboards for third-party organizations.
We take care of the dashboard configuration for you.

Dashboard customization priced on request.
Create KPIs automatically Create KPIs automatically-
Create dashboards automatically Create dashboards automatically-
Dashboard Creations Dashboard Creationsunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited1 dashboard
Dashboard Updates Dashboard Updatesunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited-
Dashboard Templates Dashboard Templates-


Basic Packs

Advanced Packs

Expert Packs

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$ 2'000 per dashboard

$ 4'000 per dashboard

$ 7'000 per dashboard

Edit template configuration Edit template configuration-
Custom Dashboards Custom Dashboards-
Max KPIs per dashboard Max KPIs per dashboardunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited25 KPIs / dashboard
Use LinPack aggregation rules Use LinPack aggregation rules
Dashboards Deployment Dashboards Deployment
For your organization For your organization
For third-parties For third-parties
Min. Subscription Period Min. Subscription Period1 month1 month1 month3 monthsnot applicable
Automatic Subscription Renewal Automatic Subscription Renewal
Dashboards use after the end of LinPack Subscription Dashboards use after the end of LinPack Subscription-

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number of users to who I can deploy the dashboards I created with LinPack? 

Unlimited. Once you have created your dashboard with LinPack, you totally own the workbook and you can deploy it to as many persons as you want within your organization.

Only 'LinPack CONSULTANT' license allows you to deploy dashboards to third parties organizations.

Can I still use my dashboard at the end of the subscription period? 

Yes. Even if you decide not to renew your subscription, you can use and distribute your dashboards and beyond the term of the subscription.

I stopped my LinPack subscription and re-opened a subscription afterwards. Will I have access to the previous dashboards configurations? 

No. You only have access to the dashboards configurations you created during non-interrupted period of subscription.

Why a subscription model even if I need just one dashboard? 

Once you create a dashboard, you discover some business insights leading to the need of additional DataViz and additional KPIs. 
During the entire subscription period, you will be able to re-process your dashboards in LinPack to change existing KPIs definition (name, format, calculation...), add new KPIs, add new dimensions or add new DataViz from our gallery.

Can I ask for a template to be created? 

Yes, contact us. We might be interested in developing a dashboard template for you and share it with the community.

Can I host a private instance of LinPack? 

No. LinPack is an online service which is highly secured with high-availability. The service does not access your data.

Can I share my login credentials with a someone else? 

No. LinPack licensing model is based on named-user.

Can I use in production the dashboards created with a LinPack Trial version? 

No. LinPack trial version is available for demo purposes only.

Can I get rid of "LinPack" watermarks in my dashboards? 

Yes. "LinPack" watermarks do not show up when you register to LinPack.

How do I cancel LinPack subscription Renewal? What are the impacts? 

Go to 'My Profile' and click 'Manage Subscription', cancel your plan.

You will still get access to LinPack service until the end of your current subscription period.

Should you resubscribe some months afterwards, you will not get access to previous dashboard configurations.