What is LinPack? 

LinPack-for-Tableau is an online service which creates Tableau dashboards automatically in just 5 minutes.

It works on any business and on any data model.

As a Business User, you will use LinPack as a solution to generate ready-to-use dashboards.

As a Tableau expert, you will use LinPack as a dashboard development accelerator.

How does it work? 

It is pretty easy.

First, you have to create a Tableau workbook file in which you map your data sources.

Then, you upload your workbook on linpack-for-tableau.com and configure the dashboard you want.

Finally, your initial workbook is sent back to in couple of minutes, containing the KPIs you defined and the Data Visualizations you selected from our gallery.

Just open the workbook, it automatically reconnects to your data sources and your dashboard is ready to be used!

What is the concept behind LinPack? 

We observe that across all dashboards, across all business sectors, there are 80% of commonalities.

Instead of having you re-doing the same job for each dashboard, instead of having you reinventing the wheel for each dashboard, LinPack proposes to automate the creation of those 80%, letting you focusing on the remaining 20% difference makers.

What LinPack solves? 

To create an impactful Tableau dashboard, you need three key elements:

  • DASHBOARDING DESIGN SKILLS: You must define what you want to create: Which dashboard layout? Which dashboard structure? What to display on each page? Which user experience? Which KPIs? Which Data Visualizations?
  • TABLEAU EXPERTISE: You must have the Tableau skills to actually build what you designed
  • RESOURCES: You must have time and/or budget to actually build your dashboard

LinPack proposes an answer to those three elements by providing you with pre-built dashboard designs based on market best-practices. Build and download your ready to use dashboard in minutes.

I don't want to share my data 

WE DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR DATA. The only material we need from you is a Tableau workbook file (twb file) where you mapped your data sources. Such file only contains the definition of the structure of your data (name of the tables & columns), and not your data. We cannot access your underlying data and we do not want to do so. We are a swiss company, and in Switzerland, data confidentiality is really something in which we trust.

Can I update the workbook LinPack created for me? Can I reuse the objects (calculations and DataViz) created by LinPack? 

YES! You can reuse / modify / remove ANY OBJECTS (dashboards, sheets, calculations, parameters)... LinPack automatically created in your Tableau workbook.

What's the difference between 'Custom Configuration' and 'Business Dashboard Templates'? 

In LinPack, there are two ways of creating Tableau dashboards:

  • Custom Configuration: You are the one to define which KPIs you want and which DataViz you want
  •  Business Dashboards Templates: We pre-defined for you market best-practices in a given business. Each template comes out with pre-defined KPIs and pre-defined Data Visualizations (which you can enrich afterwards)

Additional information can be found here.

I don't see the dashboard template I am looking for... 

You can still develop any kind of dashboard with the 'Tailored Configuration' mode. You will have to define your KPIs and your Data Visualizations. However, if you think other customers would benefit from the dashboard template you are looking for, please do contact us, and we will study the idea of creating it.

Which Tableau versions are supported by LinPack? 

LinPack supports Tableau:

  • Release 2018.1
  • Release 10.5
  • Release 10.4
  • Release 10.3
  • Release 10.2
  • Release 10.1
  • Release 10.0

You guys are too cheap, can we pay a little extra? 

We love you :-)