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12 required attributes
  • dateMonth
  • stringLegal Entity / Company
  • stringCost Center / Department / Division
  • numericTotal Sales / Revenues
  • numericOperating Costs / COGS
  • numericOperating Expenses / OpEx
  • numericDepreciations & Amortizations
  • numericInterests & Taxes
  • numericCurrent Assets
  • numericCurrent Liabilities
  • numericTotal Assets
  • numericTotal Liabilities
23 KPIs
  • Total Revenues
  • COGS
  • OpEx
  • Depreciations & Amortizations
  • Interests & Taxes
  • Current Assets
  • Current Liabilities
  • Total Assets
  • Total Liabilities
  • Gross Margin
  • Gross Margin %
  • OpEx to Revenues ratio
  • EBIT
  • EBIT %
  • EBT
  • EBT %
  • Working Capital
  • Working Capital ratio
  • Liquidity ratio
  • Total Equity
  • ROI %
  • Debt to income ratio
  • Debt to equity ratio

Detailed presentation of the FINANCE dashboard

KPi Your FINANCE dashboard will contain 23 KPIs:

  • Total RevenuesSum of Revenues
  • COGSSum of COGS / Operating Costs
  • OpExSum of Operating Expenses / OpEx
  • Depreciations & AmortizationsSum of Depreciations & Amortizations
  • Interests & TaxesSum of Interests & Taxes
  • Current Assets(Last) Sum of Current Assets
  • Current Liabilities(Last) Sum of Current Liabilities
  • Total Assets(Last) Sum of Total Assets
  • Total Liabilities(Last) Sum of Total Liabilities
  • Gross MarginRevenues - COGS
  • Gross Margin %Gross Margin / Revenues (%)
  • OpEx to Revenues ratioOpEx / Revenues (%)
  • EBITGross Margin - (OpEx + Depreciations + Amortizations)
  • EBIT %EBIT / Revenues (%)
  • EBTEBIT - (Interests + Taxes)
  • EBT %EBT / Sales (%)
  • Working CapitalCurrent Liabilities - Current Assets
  • Working Capital ratioCurrent Assets / Current Liabilities (%)
  • Liquidity ratioCurrent Liabilities / Current Assets (%)
  • Total EquityTotal Assets - Total Liabilities
  • ROI %EBT / Total Equity (%)
  • Debt to income ratioTotal Liabilities / Revenues (%)
  • Debt to equity ratioTotal Liabilities / Total Equity (%)

Visualization and 9 dashboard pages


Finance - Home

Finance - Home
Finance - HomeFinance - Home
Get a Home Page for your Finance Dashboard


Finance Cockpit

Finance Cockpit
Finance CockpitFinance Cockpit
Get instant overview of your Finance KPIs: Revenues, Gross Margin, Gross Margin%, EBIT%, OpEx, EBT%, Total Equity, ROI%...

Finance KPIs

Finance KPIs
Finance KPIsFinance KPIs
Understand the contribution to the performance of your top Finance KPIs

Finance Top KPIs Evolution

Finance Top KPIs Evolution
Finance Top KPIs EvolutionFinance Top KPIs Evolution
Visualize how your Finance Performance is evolving (Month-to-Date, Year-to-Date)

Trends Analysis

Trends Analysis

Trends Analysis
Trends AnalysisTrends Analysis
Visualize the evolution of the KPI you selected: Trends, Performance & Year over Year

Finance - Evolution over Years

Finance - Evolution over Years
Finance - Evolution over YearsFinance - Evolution over Years
Visualize how your top Finance KPIs are correlated and how this correlation evolved across years

Trends Split Analysis

Trends Split Analysis
Trends Split AnalysisTrends Split Analysis
Visualize the evolution of the KPI you selected, breakdown by the dimension you selected.

Segmentation Analysis

Finance Segmentation Analysis

Finance Segmentation Analysis
Finance Segmentation AnalysisFinance Segmentation Analysis
Visualize the value of the KPI you selected split by the dimension you selected (share analysis)

Pareto Analysis

Pareto Analysis
Pareto AnalysisPareto Analysis
Flexible Pareto Analysis (80 / 20 analysis)


You want to get a clear understanding on your Finance KPIs? You want to build a Tableau dashboard to better understand your Financial data?

Using, you can generate a stunning Finance Dashboard in less than 1 minute!


Finance dashboard Live Demo


For this, just follow the instructions :-)


1st step: Create a Tableau workbook containing the connection definition to your financial data (whether it comes from your financial system, Excel...)

You must retrieve at least the following attributes:

  • date
    Month Month (Date format)
  • string
    Legal Entity / Company Legal Entity, Company
  • string
    Cost Center / Department / Division Cost Center, Department, Division
  • numeric
    Total Sales / Revenues Total Sales, Revenues
  • numeric
    Operating Costs / COGS Operating Costs, COGS (Cost of Goods Sold)
  • numeric
    Operating Expenses / OpEx Operating Expenses, OpEx
  • numeric
    Depreciations & Amortizations Depreciations + Amortizations
  • numeric
    Interests & Taxes Interests + Taxes
  • numeric
    Current Assets Current Assets
  • numeric
    Current Liabilities Current Liabilities
  • numeric
    Total Assets Total Assets
  • numeric
    Total Liabilities Total Liabilities

The attributes names do not have to match and the underlying data model could be one file or 5 tables, it does not matter :-).

2nd step: On, select 'create dashboard from template: Finance' and upload your Tableau workbook


3rd step: Map your attributes, click 'Confirm & Download'... you're done!!!


This dashboard will help you to better manage your Finance KPIs: 

Just try it here :-)


Enjoy and share your feedbacks with us so we can improve the solution :-)

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