dashboard template for tableau on Human Resources Headcount Headcount (basic) cockpit

Detailed presentation of the HEADCOUNT (BASIC) dashboard

Your HEADCOUNT (BASIC) dashboard will contain 3 KPIs

and 3 dashboard pages


Headcount (basic) Home

Headcount (basic) Home
Headcount (basic) HomeHeadcount (basic) Home
Get a Home Page for your Headcount (basic) dashboard


HR Headcount Cockpit (basic)

HR Headcount Cockpit (basic)
HR Headcount Cockpit (basic)HR Headcount Cockpit (basic)
Get a complete overview on your staff key figures: Headcount

Behavioral Analytics

Headcount (basic) Adhoc Analysis

Headcount (basic) Adhoc Analysis
Headcount (basic) Adhoc AnalysisHeadcount (basic) Adhoc Analysis
Perform simple ad-hoc analysis on your Headcount (basic) data set: analyze any of your KPIs across any dimension

Creating your HEADCOUNT (BASIC) dashboard Step-by-Step

You want to get a clear understanding on your Headcount (basic) results? You want to build a Tableau dashboard to better understand your Headcount (basic) data?

Using LinPack-for-Tableau.com, you can generate an eye-catching, fit-for-purpose Tableau Dashboard on your Headcount (basic) data in less than 5 minutes!

1st STEP: Create the initial Tableau workbook file

Create a Tableau workbook in which you map your Headcount (basic) data (whether it comes from: ERP, database, Excel, CSV file...)

You must retrieve at least the following attributes (it is ok if the names don't match, and it is better to add additional attributes to analyze):

  • date
    Month Monthly Snapshot (Date used for time-series analysis)
  • string
    Organization Organization where the employees are employed
  • numeric
    Nb of employees Number of employees

2nd STEP: Upload your Tableau workbook file

On LinPack-for-Tableau.com, select 'create dashboard from template: Headcount (basic)' and upload your Tableau workbook (note: your data is NOT uploaded).

3rd STEP: Map your attributes

Map the attributes of your workbook on the attributes of the template.

Finally, click 'Confirm & Download'... and your Headcount (basic) dashboard is already downloading :-)

Open the Tableau workbook file you received, it will automatically reconnect to your data sources.

Your Headcount (basic) dashboard is now ready to be used or customized!

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