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Detailed presentation of the RFM ANALYSIS dashboard

Your RFM ANALYSIS dashboard will contain 2 KPIs

and 5 dashboard pages


RFM Analysis Home

RFM Analysis Home
RFM Analysis HomeRFM Analysis Home
Get a Home Page for your RFM Analysis dashboard

Sales Advanced Analytics

RFM Analysis (Recency-Frequency-Monetary)

RFM Analysis (Recency-Frequency-Monetary)
RFM Analysis (Recency-Frequency-Monetary)RFM Analysis (Recency-Frequency-Monetary)
The RFM Analysis creates an actionable segmentation of your customer base

RFM Customer Base

RFM Customer Base
RFM Customer BaseRFM Customer Base
Overview of your customer base by RFM Segment

Trends Analytics

RFM Analysis Trends Analysis

RFM Analysis Trends Analysis
RFM Analysis Trends AnalysisRFM Analysis Trends Analysis
Visualize the evolution of any of your RFM Analysis KPIs: Trends, Performance & Year over Year

Distribution Analytics

RFM Analysis Segmentation & Pareto Analysis

RFM Analysis Segmentation & Pareto Analysis
RFM Analysis Segmentation & Pareto AnalysisRFM Analysis Segmentation & Pareto Analysis
Visualize the value of any of your RFM Analysis KPIs, split by the dimension you selected (market share & pareto analysis)

Creating your RFM ANALYSIS dashboard Step-by-Step

You want to get a clear understanding on your RFM Analysis results? You want to build a Tableau dashboard to better understand your RFM Analysis data?

Using LinPack-for-Tableau.com, you can generate an eye-catching, fit-for-purpose Tableau Dashboard on your RFM Analysis data in less than 5 minutes!

1st STEP: Create the initial Tableau workbook file

Create a Tableau workbook in which you map your RFM Analysis data (whether it comes from: ERP, database, Excel, CSV file...)

You must retrieve at least the following attributes (it is ok if the names don't match, and it is better to add additional attributes to analyze):

  • date
    Date When the sales happened (Date used for time-series analysis)
  • string
    Customer Name of the customer
  • numeric
    Sales Amount Amount of the sale

2nd STEP: Upload your Tableau workbook file

On LinPack-for-Tableau.com, select 'create dashboard from template: RFM Analysis' and upload your Tableau workbook (note: your data is NOT uploaded).

3rd STEP: Map your attributes

Map the attributes of your workbook on the attributes of the template.

Finally, click 'Confirm & Download'... and your RFM Analysis dashboard is already downloading :-)

Open the Tableau workbook file you received, it will automatically reconnect to your data sources.

Your RFM Analysis dashboard is now ready to be used or customized!